Theater Productions in Manhattan

We have been churning out theater productions in Manhattan since 2002. The earliest productions include First Ladies, about the fact that things are hard, and they don’t want to function. Others include Come and Go, which is in three parts. The quality of our theater productions in Manhattan has improved markedly, as seen in our productions celebrating our 20th anniversary.


We do Theater Productions in Manhattan

We do excellent theater productions in Manhattan through a culture of continuous self-improvement. Our work is different from every other theater in New York City in practice, vision, and mission. Also, we have built a solid reputation for our experimental productions. The genres of our work range from traditional to newer art forms, such as multimedia theater in NYC. The productions we make are distinguished by boldness in visual style and humor. Furthermore, we maintain an Eastern European theater tradition that forms the backdrop of everything we do. We got a permanent artistic home in 2017, enhancing the quality of our productions. Also, it enhanced our capacity to assist others in producing their works. We have a firm commitment to produce boundary-defying works across disciplines. The disciplines include dance, music, visual arts, and performing arts.


Visit Our Theater Productions in Manhattan

We give theater productions in Manhattan no one else. They are technically sound on a unique backdrop of Eastern European theater tradition. We are highly experimental, allowing the amalgamation of ideas from various theater arts. Our array of productions ranges from multimedia to provocative Broadway. Contact us today for more details.