Ildiko Nemeth is an exceptional actor and director. She is the founder and artistic director of the New Stage Theatre Company (NSTC), and the director, producer, and visionary force behind all the company’s premieres. Originally from Budapest, she founded NSTC in 2002 after graduating from the Actor’s Studio Drama School. Drawing from her Eastern European theatre background and the multicultural influences of her collaborators, Ildiko Nemeth premieres foreign writers’ works in New York and creates original pieces. Her works are distinguished by their bold visual style and juxtaposition of absurdist and physical humor with dark, difficult material. As a director she often refers to her projects as compositions, which reflects her multidisciplinary approach: all artistic elements, including text, music, movement, and spectacle, are fused into a unified work of art.


Why Watch Ildiko Nemeth

Under the artistic direction of Ildiko Nemeth, we are one theater in New York City that has built a name for itself as a “daring experimental group” (Backstage) offering provocative, highly conceptual works “of great beauty and heightened theatricality” (Connecticut Post). Jessica Rizzo in the Theatre Times said, “New York needs more dauntless directors like her.” Which is testament to our standing as an experimental theater in NYC. We have staged shows at legendary Off-Off-Broadway institutions including La MaMa, Theater for the New City, and Dixon Place. In 2017, Nemeth established NSTC’s permanent artistic home, at 36 West 106th St in Manhattan. Here she continues to present provocative Off-Off Broadway in Manhattan and other boundary-defying works and to support the creation of original, multidisciplinary productions that engage artists from theatre, dance, music, visual art, and performance art. NSTC is a recipient of the Innovative Theatre Awards’ prestigious Caffé Cino Fellowship, given annually to a company that consistently produces outstanding work. Other citations from the IT Awards include Outstanding Performance Art Production in 2019 and 2015, Innovative Theatre Design in 2019, and numerous nominations including Outstanding Director, Outstanding Ensemble, and Innovative Stage Design.


Support Nemeth

You can support Ildiko Nemeth by visiting to check out her work and that of the team. She collaborates with a team of gifted artists to produce excellent work. Further, she involves people who have previously not worked at the theater to submit project ideas for consideration. Presenting your proposals in this experimental aspect would be great support. Contact us for more details.