As an award-winning theater in New York City, we are well-placed to provide excellent theatrical entertainment. The New Stage Theater Company offers unique experiences to lovers of theater in Manhattan. There is nothing new about theater in New York City; it is the traditional home of theater. However, some attributes give us a unique flavor. For example, not every theater in Manhattan has a permanent venue, but we do. Having a permanent venue enables us to engage large groups of artists with unique ideas, leading to unique outcomes.

Award-winning theatre company

Traditions of Eastern European theatre

Collaboration between artists

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We are a theater in New York City that offers you the unique experiences gleaned from Eastern European theater traditions. The consideration of different traditions makes us the quintessential avant-garde theater in NYC. The kind of entertainment patrons gain here is quite different from what you would experience at a typical theater in Manhattan. Virtually every other theater in Manhattan is manifestly influenced by Western European traditions. Further, the theater encourages cooperation between artists, even from different art forms. Such collaboration releases a type of creative energy that is difficult to find in other places. This cooperation further enhances our position in experimental theater in NYC. It is in an instance of cooperation such as this that we produce a singing sphere or other collaborative works. The use of visual and absurd humor to analyze weighty matters of the day is one of our defining trademarks.

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We are the people to talk to if you need high-quality theater in New York City. You get to enjoy premium productions of sociopolitical theater in NYC. Our productions, such as provocative Broadway pieces, are designed to call us all to think about social justice. Our productions are sprinkled with heavy doses of Eastern European theater traditions. We encourage collaboration between artists, which contributes to our award-winning productions.

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