We love the educative and unconventional; we push borders and merge old concepts making us the leading experimental theater in NYC. At New Stage Theater Company, we encourage young artists and students to imagine theater without the barriers that the experiences and biases of educators might create. Also, we add collaboration by artists from various genres, a practice that makes us stand out as an experimental theater in NYC.

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Benefits of Experimental Theatre in NYC


Experimental theater in NYC, like everywhere else, is a key component for general theater growth. Besides contributing to the growth of theater in New York City, it helps young thespians find their unique place in the arts. Every artist starts off with a hero in the arts, someone they would like to emulate. Mentors have a place in theater, but every artist needs to learn how to write or act like themselves. Further, it allows for a unique blend of different genres to come up with new and exciting productions. Participating in our avant-garde theater in NYC requires artists to develop proposals beforehand. Developing these proposals helps artists grow their technical skills in a traditional sense. Therefore, our productions, such as the singing sphere do not only help grow new aspects of theater, it trains participants on the time-tested aspects of it.

Find the Best Experimental Theatre in NYC

We have meticulously planned and built the best experimental theater in NYC. Ildiko Nemeth, its founder and visionary force, brings an altogether unique and exciting perspective. Through our activities in this theater, we endeavor to identify unique productions for the enjoyment of theater lovers and the development of various art forms. Contact us for more information.

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