As a boundary-pushing company that makes its home in the heart of Manhattan, New Stage Theatre Company has carved a unique place for itself the avant-garde theatre community of NYC. Steeped in Eastern European theater traditions, New Stage is known for vivid experimental works that blend stunning visual elements (costume design, lighting, video projection) with stylized choreography and dramaturgy for an immersive, arresting theatrical experience. The material is original, provocative, and unafraid, taking on charged philosophical, cultural, and sociopolitical material with an immediacy hardly matched in the city’s contemporary theatrical scene.

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Your support means everything. We are committed to offering affordable theatre tickets to our performances so that all New Yorkers and visitors, regardless of means, have access to our arts offerings. This commitment, and our overall success as a standout Off-Off-Broadway company, would be impossible without your deeply valued, generous assistance. Please help us continue giving voice and vision to original, daring works by compelling artists that would otherwise be, largely, unheard and unseen. Your donation is tax-deductible and assures that we can continue fulfilling our important artistic mission.

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Looking to experience the kind of bold, provocative theater long associated with New York at its best? Then come see what On Stage Blog called “the kind Off-Off Broadway I enjoyed so much when I first started going to live theatre.” Our theater in New York City welcomes proposals of projects to our New Work program, which supports the creation of original, multidisciplinary productions that engage artists from a variety of practices, including theater, dance, music, visual art, and performance art. We work in the backdrop of Eastern European theatre tradition. To make the partnership gel, an understanding of such traditions may enable you to fit better into the culture. We provide you with a space for rehearsal since we have a permanent venue. Further we avail the technical equipment and promotional support for these proposals. The New Work Program helps to democratize production, which is especially ideal for sociopolitical theater in NYC.

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If you are looking for authentic avant-garde theater in NYC, we’re here to help. We allow you to work with different types of artists as you design a production. Also, we give you a fresh perspective by building our productions around Eastern European theater productions. All these factors have made us an award-winning theater. Contact us today to participate. We hope to see you at our next show.

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