The old adage that art is the mirror of society is why we have built a great sociopolitical theater in NYC. The Eastern European theater traditions we employ at New Stage Theater Company add flavor to the productions due to the rather unique means through which they communicate to society. The diligent application of time-tested principles and new methods is why we have grown into an important part of the sociopolitical theater in NYC.

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Traditions of Eastern European theatre

Collaboration between artists

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Why You Should Visit a Sociopolitical Theatre in NYC


We have built an excellent sociopolitical theater in NYC because we, as a society, need to hear the artists’ insightful take on the issues of our lives. These bold artistic voices dissect some of the most controversial issues in our lives, often with humor and always with courage. By visiting a theater in New York City, you get an opportunity not only to enjoy art but also to see life from different perspectives. Our productions in the sociopolitical space are spiced by our being a leading avant-garde theater in NYC. The artistic views we develop help you see the major issues of our time from perspectives that foster understanding and harmony in society.

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We are inviting you to arguably the sociopolitical theater in NYC, where you will have fun and learn. Here, you will enjoy our unique Eastern European traditions while enjoying productions based on the great sociopolitical questions of our time. We allow artists the freedom to experiment, so you will get it better here than everywhere else. Contact us for more details today.

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