The cause of feminism and any other type of social progress requires the input of bold artistic voices. At New Stage Theater Company we lay out the issues boldly but also interestingly. Our well-acknowledged employment of dark humor catches the audience whenever a play is in session. Also, we encourage collaboration between artists in different genres. The bold artistic voices employed here don’t only bring a bold message, they also develop novel approaches to performance.

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Traditions of Eastern European theatre

Collaboration between artists

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Who are Our Bold Artistic Voices?


Bold artistic voices are needed to address some of the emotive issues in society. Feminist theater in NYC is a progressive idea that requires people who are unafraid to push boundaries. They may use shock and awe, persuasion to hold the attention of audiences. These voices will be found in theater in New York City as actors, singers, and other types of performing artists. Bold artistic voices pass their messages with a level of confidence that patrons of theater productions in Manhattan are left without doubt as to the speaker’s conviction on the issue under consideration. They are applicable in different forms of art, ranging from the newest multimedia art to more traditional ones like the singing sphere.

Watch Bold Artistic Voices

You can watch bold artistic voices in our performance center. We add these voices to novel products of collaboration between various performers. All these aspects of performance are superimposed upon an Eastern European theater tradition which is quite different from what we commonly have in the city. Contact us to enjoy.

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