Eastern European theater tradition is one of the distinguishing aspects of our establishment. Ildiko Nemeth, originally from Budapest founded the New York Stage Theater Company, she is also the artistic director. The influences that have shaped her growth as an artist shine through in her vision for the theater. Her background makes it easy to see why we have an Eastern European theater tradition. However, this tradition is peppered and modified by many other influences, including the views of other stakeholders.

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Why Perform Eastern European Theatre Tradition?


Performing European theater tradition has helped us build a reputation for being unconventional. It has given us a reputation of being the daring experimental theater in New York City. Our employment of a traditional that is unconventional in this part of the world is driven by a firm belief that art is not static, its boundaries are often set by tradition, and they need to be pushed. It is due to this same logic that we are a leading avant-garde theater in NYC. We allow students with new perspectives to bring them out without adulteration by often calcified ideas from those of us who have been in the industry long.

Choose Eastern European Theater Tradition

Eastern European theater tradition is an interesting spice for someone looking for variety in theater events in Manhattan. It moves you from the same old flavor in the circuits to something exotic and charming. We encourage collaboration and experimentation to build a distinct flavor for theater lovers. Contact us now to explore further.

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