Performed by R.S.9. Theater Company, Budapest, Hungary
Directed Dezso Dobay, Katalin Laban

While opera is a burdensome hopelessly artificial creature, operetta is perfect theatre, perfectly theatrical theatre with its divine idiotism, heavenly sclerosis to which song, dance, gesture and mask give pomp and flight. No wonder I could finally not resist the temptation…

The monumental idiotism of operetta which matches the monumental pathos of history, the operetta mask behind which humanity’s ridiculous face distorted with pain is bleeding-perhaps this is the best incarnation of operetka on stage.

– Witold Gombrowicz

In 1993 the R.S.9 Theatre got an invitation to take part at the RandomGombrowicz Festival in Poland so they reconstructed their 1990 Operetka performance. It was not only a reconstruction but the final scene was also changed to represent the painful difference between the feeling people felt in 1990 and in 1993. Albertinka is not the symbol of enthusiastic youth any more but the insulted, outraged and defiled humanity. It was a tremendous success. The same year the Hungarian Television bought the production; it was performed and taped in Keszthely. The viewers could see it early 1994.