The performance is based on Franz Kafka’s novel America and the writings of Bela Hamvas and Tadeusz Borowski

Performed by R.S.9. Theater Company, Budapest, Hungary
Directed by Katalin Laban & Dezso Dobay

…a startling studio production, inspired by Kafka’s Amerika, called The Desire To Become A North Amerikan Indian. When the production comes to the Domarco Gallery in Edinburgh this summer it will make a comparable impact.
– Michael Billington,
The Guardian, May 1, 1993

Inspired by Kafka’s Amerika, R.S.9 Theatre from Hungary tells the story of a generation of immigrations who got sold on the land of dreams. The result a difficult movement piece, which contains some of the most arresting stage sequences of this year’s Fringe. In these best moments, R.S.9 recalls the atmosphere (as well as the theme and style) of Teatr Nowy’s legendary 1985 production of The End of Europe.”
– Tom Morris,
The Independent, August 26, 1993

…Dobay and Laban’s production has plenty of physical attack, and contains some brilliant and evocative stage pictures…

…this is an invigorating gutsy production, easily one of the best of the batch that Richard Demarco has brought to-his superbly atmospheric new venue.
– Colin Donald,

The Scotsman, August 26, 1993

But as they run on-for three, five, six minutes, sweating and panting in the tiny studio space-they become like some terrifying universal image of 20th -century humanity, struggling to get away, stumbling and falling; and for this company, the bitter competition for a job free maker Amerika-“just a job, any job”-is as good a trigger for that image of desperation as any other.
– Joyce McMillan,
The Guardian

At the end, a group of men and women shabbily dressed and their faces tight with anxiety, start running spot, facing the audience. They are off to get work at the mysterious Theatre of Oklahoma. Will they get there? Will they get work? They run faster and faster towards you. Despairing but determined, as the lights dim and the Western audience watches them with a mixture of unease sympathy and detachment.
– John Peter,
The Sunday Times

R.S.9 will be performing Desire to Become Indians, which has been a festival hit in Europe, as part of Portland Start University’s “Portland International Performance Festival”. The play is based on Franz Kafka’s Amerika and the writing of Bela Havas and Tadeus Borowski. The company is as interested in sound, light, movement and music as it is in the text of the piece. Critics in Scotland and England have found the images that R.S.9 produces to be entrancing and memorable.
– Barry Johnson,
The Oregonian, Critics Choice, July 22, 1994

This is production of the young Budapest theatre company R.S.9 will be a study in intense and energy. On tour from Hungary making their way though California and Oregon, the group bring a startling Kafka inspired production to Newport…
– Applause Magazine

Desire to Become Indians a production of the R.S. Theatre in Budapest based on Franz Kafka’s novel, Amerika comes to the Ross Ragland Theater July 17. The play is described as highly visual, with premium placed on music and light.
– Herald and News,
Klamath Falls, Oregon, July 15, 1994

…a strange and exciting production it simply leaves one uplifted…
– Evening Chronicle,
Performance Festival