Our work with multimedia theater in NYC is magical. At New Stage Theater Company, we utilize these technologies seamlessly with the Eastern European theater traditions that have become part of our signature. Further, we encourage close collaboration of various artists, which makes for mind-blowing multimedia theater in NYC. We believe blending the old and the new is how we create relatable progressive theater.

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Traditions of Eastern European theatre

Collaboration between artists

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What Happens in a Multimedia Theatre in NYC?


Like everywhere else, multimedia theater in NYC employs several mediums of communication to pass the message. Thus, any establishment that employs digital technologies such as computer-generated videos, sound tapes, etc., in the Big Apple is part of the multimedia theater in New York City. In some aspects, this type of theater is still part of experimental theater in NYC since there is a consistent flow of new technologies and ideas daily. Novel technologies are especially prevalent in kinetic interactive equipment, so artists have to keep abreast with these developments. You can use multimedia theater in traditional performances, such as a singing sphere or new art forms. In this type of theater, you will see participants such as electronics experts who don’t fit in the traditional mold of theater crew.

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You have found us, so your search for a multimedia theater in NYC has been successful. Ildiko Nemeth, the founder of this theater and its vision promoter, has built a tradition of growth by employing various approaches. We have genuine collaboration between artists, and we are big on the development of new ideas in both traditional and modern performances. Contact us today for more.

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