“…an entertaining admixture of incorporeal, intellectual, and mystical radiance.”

Edward A. Kliszus, Opening Night

April 28, 2023

Seven women materialized into an intermediate assignation, a liminal space between two earthly lives, in a state where one’s consciousness is disconnected from a physical body.We viewed a dreamscape setting of emerging, horrifying hallucinations associated with one’s refined reality experiences.

The production opened with a stark stage, a dim penumbra enveloped with inscrutable, discordant, and eerie soundscapes. The opening verse was literary, poetic, and sophisticated, setting the tone for the evening’s badinage.

The troupe comprised a seemingly incongruent ensemble. Six of the seven voiced regrets and grief while trapped in this hazy, existential chimera.Are truth and reality constructed fiction? Belem lacked family, while Mags could not process the “darker sides of the world.” Liv’s challenge was to accept herself, while Bianka sought self-worth. Ruth lacked compassion, and Miriam grieved at the loss of a child. The seventh, an “Entertainer In the Corner,” was a “catalyst of interaction.”

The production emerged as an entertaining admixture of incorporeal, intellectual, and mystical radiance. The dialectics of the characters’ discourse elicited passion and empathy.The sartorial elegance of the smiling, dancing Entertainer contrasted with the shadowy monochromatic costuming of her comrades. The Entertainer provided smiles and timely relief to the vicissitudes of disconsolate repartee.

The dramatic aplomb, soundscapes, blocking, choreography, lighting, and sound were elegantly articulated. Each actor ably maintained her character regardless of stage position to ensure a consistent dramatic, artistic rectitude.

Some favorite quotes:

Belem: “Eternity is a long time, even with people you love.” “I’m on a threshold that wasn’t here a little while ago.”

Miriam:”I saved those happy little drawings:white cloud, blue raindrops, yellow sun. Bright green grass that’s kissed again and again with everything it needs in precise measure.”

Bianka: “Our choices at every point make the angle that comes next, determine the geometry of our next iteration.”

Mags:”Iremember like it was this morning, that feeling of promise when Imet my son. So many decades now. His little body wriggling with life, his vibrating wails.An utterly compact universe, ready to expand.”

Entertainer: “A yin goddess must carry the flame. Light it in her sisters. This means taking time to fill her own cup, nourish her own well-being , prioritize her bodily integrity.”

Ruth:”Blame yourself that you can’t live in a world without high-speed Internet and climate control, without two pieces of certainty to rub together.”

Liv:”To be a plant, animal, mineral in the world, inhabiting creation. To be one among them, that loud number, a droplet subsumed by the sea.”

The Singing Sphere was entertaining, intellectually engaging, imaginative, provocative, and introspective. It seemed, after all, that one might evolve to a better state. We enjoyed a sojourn of hope and infinite beauty through this collective stream of eloquent consciousness and literary effusion.