New Stage Theatre Company’s 20th Anniversary Night Market celebration at Chelsea Music Hall was everything we’d hoped, everything you would expect, and We would like to thanks the artists who performed in the evening Florencia Minitti, Dana Boll, Tatyana Kot, Daniella Aziza, Sarah Lemp, Gina Bonati, Lisa Giobbi, Justin Brown, Tanner Glenn, Theodore Bouloukos, Jude Kondik, Markus Hirnigel, Paul Guilfoyle 

Artists who donated artwork to our silent auction Jessica Sofia Mitrani, Chris Tanner, Gina Bonati, Lisa Giobbi, Chris Sharp, Alois Kronschlaeger

Thanks to our sponsors and donors!



Philip Arnoult, Sarah Benvenuti, Theodore Bouloukos, Ellen Conde, Max Dilendorf, Evangeline Johns, Fabiyan Pembelski, Ken Raboy, Benjamin Stein, Edward Paskowski, Eugenia Bone, Kevin Bone, Christelle Clement, John Graham, Jennifer Joungblood, Rebecca Egozi, Seth Knobel, Miguel Conde, Jonathan Jakus, Diane Koeppel, Asaf Yogev, Meaghan Egan, Sari Eckler, Elizabeth Herron, Bernard Kabak, Steven Rosenblatt and Chelsea Music Hall




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Please enjoy this video retrospective of our two marvelous decades, and counting, on New York City stages.