REVIEWS NIGHT (THYESTES 2.0) By Charles Mee From Thyestes by Seneca Performed by New Stage Theatre Company Directed by Ildiko Nemeth Projection Design and Animation by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger Costume Design by Egle Paulauskaite Lighting Design by Federico Restrepo Choreography by Ildiko Nemeth in collaboration with the Actors Fight Choreography by Galway McCullough Performed by Beth Dodye Bass, Dana Boll, Adam Boncz, Kaylin Lee Clinton, Sofia O.C., Catherine Correa, Geraldine Dules, Markus Hirnigel, Brian Linden, Galway McCullough, Brandon Olson, Jeanne Lauren Smith, Chris Tanner

"Night (Thyestes 2.0)" opens with a scene by scene plot summary of the Seneca play dealing with the generations of the House of Atreus from Tantalus down through Orestes and Electra. This is a family where cannibalism and murder are commonplace. Modern horrors of war and destruction are seen in projections and spoken of by the performers. The sense of relentless cycles of destruction continues. Presentation of food and feasting as well as cooking are activities often presented by the cast.

My favorite is the red burkha clad character (Brandon Olson) who cooks scrambled eggs. The dancing often suggests sex, violence, and sexual violence, again family favorites from the ancient Greek and Roman sources.

The fabulous costumes abound in pearls and leather harnesses. The group dance numbers function as aesthetic relief from the horrors, as do some lovely singing by Chris Tanner, Kaylin Lee Clinton, and Brandon Olson.

Ildiko Nemeth's direction and conception of highly visual visceral movement based work complements nicely Charles Mee's collage structure text.



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